• Septic Systems
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    • Up-Grade Existing Systems
    • Verification Letters for Banks
  • Deep Foundation Support
  • Waterlines


Septic Systems

Centerock® offers long term solutions for a healthy long lasting septic system; we know different soils and subsurface conditions that can affect a system. Our septic systems range for gravity septic systems to complex pump septic systems. Centerock® also offers septic system repairs and septic system up grades. We even fix cracked septic tanks lids and also replace septic systems and preform septic to sewer conversions.

Centerock® is Georgia State Certified to preform septic inspections and septic verification letter for Banks and Mortgage Companies; for residential and commercial onsite sewer systems/septic systems.

Deep Foundation Supports

Micropiles / Helical Piers provide the performance of concrete without the high mobilization costs and liabilities of driven or auger-cast piles and drilled shafts. This time-saving and cost-effective deep foundation solution utilizes instant torque-to-capacity feedback as a built-in means of quality control, providing quality throughout the project. Micropyles / Helical Piles are designed, tested, and proven economical solutions for applications in expansive soils, high water tables, fill areas, and other sites where unstable soils require specialized support.


Centerock® offers a trenching service for waterlines and a wide range of other utilities. Let us know how we can assist you.