Who We Are

Centerock® has established itself in the forefront of design-build construction; specializing in remedial challenges for geotechnical and environmental construction. Offering dynamic solutions to complex projects of all sizes, whether public or private. Safety, quality and schedule are bedrock elements of the planning and execution of our work. When you work with Centerock®, you'll enjoy peace of mind - that unique feeling of customer confidence that comes when you know that the job will be done right - the first time.

Centerock® assist owners, engineers, architects and general contractors with a complete design-build approach.


Our company has a long and proud history as a leader in the Northeast Georgia construction industry. The Smith family has been known for land clearing, earth moving, and saw milling. In 1956 The Smith family (not afraid of hard work) built their first set of steel beams and dollies to move a substantial amount of homes to make way for the US Army Corps of Engineers to build Lake Lanier and Buford Dam. The all-manual work was tuff work. The Smith family had no idea that when they tackled the job of relocating homes and constructing new foundations that they were really planting the seeds of what would become Centerock®. To this day, the specialized services revolve around building infrastructure, structural integrity, and being able to provide solutions for complex projects. The completion of the Lake Lainer project led to the award of several other large projects throughout the North Georgia area. This was the successful and profitable background that launched Centerock® on its way.


Our formula for long-term success relies heavily on our ability to recognize future trends, adapt quickly to changing markets, build internal capability in all job-required engineering disciplines, and execute with the proficiency, safety and quality we have become known for. From the beginning; working for the owner's best interest has been our guiding beacon and has proven to be Centerock®'s long-term interest. Centerock® prides itself on the individual talents of each of our managers and workers, who create a true sense of team accomplishment when called upon to deliver on a project.


Design- Build, whether formal or informal in application, is what Centerock® has always been about. Very few projects in the residential, commercial and industrial arena attain completion without issues arising related to as-bid design vs. as-built construction. In resolving such issues, our approach is to embrace the design partner as one of the key success elements. Centerock® has established an enviable track record of forming positive working relationships with owners, designers, contractors, labor, and the occupants and neighbors of impacted work zones